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Immersive Audio Live Stream and Archiving Concert
— Delivering the Sound of the
Previous Century Into the Future

96kHz AURO-3D 
​Live Stream

In order to host the world’s first live streaming event that is free for the public using AURO-3D in 96kHz*, KORG has partnered with WOWOW and Syntax Japan. WOWOW has deep knowledge of AURO-3D production and streaming, while Syntax Japan has extensive knowledge of network audio and reference level equipment often used for immersive audio production and development.

Since this stream is delivered via the Artist Connection platform, multichannel speaker playback using a PC web browser as well as Auro-Headphones (binaural) playback using the Artist Connection app are supported (can be played with headphones or earphones) . Anyone with a compatible environment can enjoy it for free.

*As a publicly available streaming event (KORG research)

Event Details

Immersive Audio Live Streaming and Archiving Concert
— Delivering the Sound of the Previous Century Into the Future

The concert will be held at the Hall of Halls, Kiyosato Moeginomura Museum (Yamanashi, Japan). The event will feature marimba performances by Tatsushi Omori, who has played at this hall since childhood, and his longtime playing partner Yoko Kamihara. Their performance will be accompanied in real-time by the early 20th century automated instruments such as the Chickering Ampico Grand Player Piano (the last unit in the world still maintained and playable) and the “Limonaire 1900” organ (from the Paris World Exposition in 1900). Event navigator Hideki Matsutake, who is renown for his programing work with Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), will also join this event and talk about the technology behind this streaming event.

image0 (2).jpeg

Performer : Tatsushi Omori

image1 (1).jpeg

Performer:Yoko Kamihara

image0 (1).jpeg

Event Navigator: Hideki Matsutake


Music Director: Hideo Irimajiri (WOWOW)



Hall of Halls, Kiyosato Moeginomura Museum
This museum exhibits, performs (concerts), and sells music boxes, automatic musical instruments, and automata. Until the development of records and radios, automatic musical instruments provided a variety of music for people's lives, and through their performances, they convey to us the sensitivities, surprises, and emotions of people in the past as they were. The museum continues to serve as a fun and open museum while fulfilling its role of passing on the life and culture of a bygone era to the next generation.

Moeginomura HP


Stream Details

・How to Apply for Viewing
Please click the "Request A Virtual Seat" button below. The first 100 applicants will receive an invitation email upon submitting the form.

* This event will only be available in real-time, however, some parts of the show may be released at a later date as on-demand content.

Real-time Stream (for US):2024/02/28 18:00~ (Pacific Time)

Stream Format : FHD video + AURO-3D (Auro Codec, 96kHz, 5.1.4ch)

・Compatible Playback Device
AURO-3D compatible AV receivers vie HDMI
- Microsoft Windows 10 or later (Supported browser: Chrome)
- Apple macOS 11(Big Sur) or later (Supported browsers: Safari, Chrome)
Note: HDMI on Macs with Apple Silicon (M1, M2) may not be able to output at 96 kHz sample rate.
- Nvidia Shield TV, Shield TV Pro(Player Application:Artist Connection)

Headphone Playback
・Apple iPhone/iPad(Player Application:Artist Connection)
・Google Android(Player Application:Artist Connection)

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